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Lookup a car manually
Confirm you've searched for the right car and whether we have details available for it
Lookup a car by VRM
Search with a car registration number, confirm the right car is being used and whether we have details for it
Will a Buggy Fit in a boot?
Select a car and a buggy and see whether it will fit
Search for a buggy by car
Select a car and see all buggies that will fit in its boot
How will a Buggy Fit?
See in what orientation a buggy will fit in a boot or space
Will ANY item fit in a boot
Provide 3 basic dimensions of your items and see if and how the item will fit in the boot
How will an item fit in a boot
See in what orientation your item will fit in the selected boot
Use expanded boot space
Search with:
- Core boot area
- Using lower boot storage (if available)
- To ceiling height (if applicable)
- Full height from lower boot to ceiling (if available/applicable)
- Rear seats folded flat

Core boot only
3rd row of seats
If a car has a 3rd row of seats, you can specify whether to search with 2 or 3 rows of seats in place
Search for a Buggy
For use in the other buggy searches or use in isolation, search for a list of:
- Buggy Brands
- Buggy Models
- Buggy Model Variants
Buggy Details
See basic buggy details (dimensions, weight, suitable age range)
Buggy Images
A URL to a 300x300 and thumbnail (150x150) image of each buggy and variant
Buggy Price Comparison
Compare prices from leading UK online retailers.
Prewritten Help Text
Descriptive text to help your customers understand the results returned
Number of queries per month 250 500 1100 2200
Quota top-ups available?
If you exceed the number of queries allowed per month, upgrade your account by adding extra queries
Price per month £75 £115 £210 £400

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